Founder Benjamin Pollak has been extensively involved in agriculture for 25 years and has provided agricultural, farrier, and farm optimization services in New Jersey since 2011.

His 7 years of experience on a 20,000 acre production feeder operation and 7 years in Texas in a large safari park explain his masterful handling of animals and extensive knowledge of farm animal care.

Patty Herrera has been working with farm animals since 2018. She has been a farm program consultant and has established adolescent farm school programs in NJ. Patty met Ben when she needed some help with a pig rescue situation. He was highly recommended through social media and he really saved the day. He responded right away and was very knowledgable and very gentle with the animals. Since then he has helped with many emergency rescue situations and gone out of his way to help farm animal owners near and far. She is excited to have partnered with Ben in order to support the small farm owner and is looking forward to helping many more animals as The Farrier Group continues to grow.

The Farrier Group is a company driven by passion and purpose.

The Farrier Group is a tri-state area mobile farm animal hoof care service. We support the community of small and/or new farmers to assist them with their animal care needs, where modern facilities and equipment are not possible or accessible to service their small farm animal pets.

This type of animal care is necessary to maintain the health and well being, comfort and quality of life of farm animals. Similar to a mobile pet grooming service, we come to your house or your farm, we evaluate the hooves of your animal(s) and trim their hooves to give them a balanced posture, which supports all of their physical health.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and operate with a sliding scale. We offer a multitude of services at little or no cost, not limited to the Fresh Start Program for rescued pigs, transportation, and habitat design for the farm animal community.

We also provide animal care services and guidance for farmers on how to take care of their farm family pets. By guiding pet owners and providing farrier services, we have created a highly rewarding service with the purpose of happy farm animals and their owners!

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