Pig Hoof Trim – $85 + travel fee

Hooves  should  be  maintained  once  per  year!

Ask about:

  • Special rates for maintenance trims (Requires service every 10 months)
  • Multi-pig discounts
  • Special rates for government and rescue organizations.

We specialize in corrective hoof balancing and corrective shaping from extreme growth.

Keeping your animals happy and healthy is important! Wearing the right size of shoes keeps us from having back and hip problems. Similarly, hooves that are unmaintained can create issues such as hip and spine conditions as well as negatively affect kidney functioning.

Eyes – $10; Ears – $15; Tusks – $20 + travel fee

Pig Blackhead Removal – $10 + travel fee

Blackhead removal from scent glands on upper legs.

Pig Transportation – travel fee based on distance

Need to move your pig from A to B? Let us help.

Goat/Sheep Hooves – $20 ea. + travel fee

Debudding – $20 ea. + travel fee

Consulting Services – $175/hr. + travel fee

Site Evaluation – $375 + travel fee

Emergency Response Service – Variable + travel fee

Injured? Lost? Escaped? Stuck in a fence?

We provide 24 hour emergency support to stabilize situations until a veterinarian arrives.


  • Emergency response
  • Injured
  • Stuck in a fence
  • Animals with horns stuck together
  • Colic
  • Birthing issues
  • Lost or escaped
  • Loading and handling assistance

Premium Expedited Service – Pricing based on location


  • Next day tusk removal
  • Broken toe or claw
  • Spa Treatment

Habitat Design/Farm Optimization – $375 + travel fee

Travel fee

Our travel fee is $100 for usual service area, but can be more depending on distance, tolls, traffic, etc…

Payment Method

We accept all forms of payment. Electronic payments made by Venmo, Paypal, credit card, etc… incur a 5% service fee.


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